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Design Camp #1: UX Starter Pack

Let’s join the first design camp ever, where you can learn about design while camping in the middle of a forest!

Here’s the line up of mentors whose come from various roles and companies:


Mentors of DDD Design Camp #1: UX Starter Pack.

  1. Tri Nugraha, Product Design Lead @ GOJEK
  2. Muhammad Heikal, UX Designer @ tiket.com
  3. Aldrin Ferdian, Design Lead @ Tokopedia
  4. Evan Clearesta, Researcher @ GO-JEK
  5. Ryan Handy Priyadma, Head of Product Design @ tiket.com
  6. Stevanus Christopel, Product Design Lead @ Tokopedia
  7. Adze Ganesha, Principal UX Designer @ Tokopedia
  8. Muhammad Raufan Yusup, UX Designer @ tiket.com
  9. Arif Riyanto, UX Designer @ Tokopedia


Nov 24 2018 - Nov 25 2018


All Day